Knit-Alongs in progress

Did you know that if you are one of those people who write the date in the mm-dd-yy format it’s 09-02-10? I am not one of those people so for me it’s the way less exciting 02-09-10 (which is Silver Spring, Maryland).

Anyways, so I am participating in a couple of KALs, or Knit-Alongs. One of them is even 90210 related! It’s pretty fun. I like the excuse to knit things I don’t usually (hats in this case). I am using the pretty yarn I dyed and I am really liking the colors.

This is the start of the Salute Hat that I am knitting (if you click on the link it goes to my Ravelry project page). I am making it for O, who has a huge head! It’s taking place in the Ravelry Knit for Boys group. This knit-along involves new “clues” (which are pieces of the pattern) every few days that slowly knit up into hat. The second clue was posted yesterday. It’s really fun and cute, and there is still lots of time to start one if you are interested. The sizing goes all the way up to adult too. If I did not already have plans to make Ryan an R2D2 hat, he’d be getting a matching one. I still need to pick up buttons for it, I saw the perfect ones, I just need to go back and get them.

This is the second knit-along I am working on (again, the picture will link you to the Ravelry project page where there are better pictures – this one is not the greatest because my camera is still getting fixed). It’s a Game Knit Buttonhead hat KAL taking place in the Leethal Knitters Ravelry Group. This one is super fun because of the Game Knitting element. Basically, everyone knits the Buttonhead hat, but each one ends up different based on how they choose to incorporate Game Knitting. Buttonhead is a really great pattern for this kind of thing because it doesn’t have a particular yarn or needle, you just knit the first bit, take a gauge measurement, and then figure out what you have to do to finish your hat based on that. Game Knitting is a super fun way to spice up a knitting project. The post I link to explains it far better than I could, so I’ll just explain what I am doing. I am knitting the hat along to episodes of 90210 (I told you it would figure in somewhere!). I’ve made a list of show events/happenings/occurrences, and every time one of them happens, I add another bead to the hat. Like a drinking game but with no drinking and shiny beads instead. Which results in crazy random beads everywhere and I like. I was going to go with a green or silvery bead to blend in with the hat, but then I decided to go all the way and pick up the subtle browns in the yarn and go with a contrasty orange-brown-. I’ve made a pretty extensive list because I want a lot of beads on this hat (I think I am almost at 200). Stringing all the beads on to the yarn was not as fun though. I really want to get the Game Knitting e-book one of these days, because I do like 90% of my knitting while watching  bad TV (and the other 10% on car rides). This knit-along too has barely started, so if you want to have some fun you should try it, nudge nudge. When it’s all done I’ll post the game list (Ravelry link), I am still adding a few things as I go for maximum beadage.

I finished my Skoodlet the other day and I love it. It just needs bigger buttons (which I knew it would, they were just all out of the good colors when I went button shopping). Weaving in all of those ends was the only sucky part. What was I thinking with all those stripes?? Obviously not about weaving in the ends. Ends should weave themselves in already..