90210 Buttonhead!

My Game Knit Buttonhead (done as part of the Game Knit Buttonhead KAL in the Leethal Knitters! Ravelry group) hat is done and its gorgeous (in my opinion at least, I know green and brown and a bit of pink is not for everyone and that’s ok) I still need to block it, but I need to pick up a balloon for that. I used to never block projects, but once I started blocking my knits there was no looking back. They just look so much more refined. I am not sure about the buttons, they were all I had that sort of went with the hat. Since they are already sewn on though, I probably won’t change them because I am lazy like that.

I had never done any Game Knitting, but I am pretty sure I will do more (especially since it combines my two favorite things: knitting and tv!). See, back when I was in art school, I was all about the process. Looking back it’s crazy the things I spent way too much time on because I liked going through the act of making something (and I was a bit of a perfectionist). I think the process of just going in the darkroom and making photos was one of the major reasons I did photo major instead of drawing major.  Anyways, what I am saying is I love art where the process is just as important as the art itself and perhaps even more so. This hat reminded me of this. And I really liked how you just start knitting the pattern, then do a bit of measuring and a bit of nerd gaming style math and have a customized pattern for you and your yarn and needle combination.

Basically, anytime one of the following things happened in the episodes of 90210 (or its commercials) I was watching, I would add a bead to the hat:

Donna laughs nervously

A Tim Hortons Commercial

Steve says party

“Mom, did you borrow my green shirt?”

Brandon calls Susan “Keats”

Claire and Steve get in a tiff


Cindy and/or Jim Walsh are mentioned

Kelly and Donna feel sorry for someone

Claire does not

Someone says Casa Walsh

Steve says foy-er in a very American way

Valerie talks trash about Kelly

Donna and David have a moment

Valerie alludes to her sordid past

Jonathan is mentioned

“I win, I win”

Realizing it is a very special episode

Colin or Kelly say “snow”

Someone is in a convertable

Steve is a bonehead

Someone makes a bet

Valerie in a bathrobe

Claire has tiny barettes

“It’s so zesty”

David’s in his dorm room

Susan has to decide between journalism or friendship

Someone falls for one of Steve’s schemes

Kelly and David have a moment

Joe is sad about not playing football

Susan calls Brandon into her office

Donna’s purity is brought up

Brandon does good

Valerie wears leopard

Someone is at school

Brandon and Kelly look at each other longingly

Opening Credits

Brandon says “Bro”


A new character is introduced

Kelly makes a “my life is so hard” face

Donna makes an exaggerated expression

Valerie and Kelly have a verbal cat-fight

A band plays at the Peach Pit after Dark

Someone is eating french fries at the Peach Pit

Claire brings up her dad, the Chancellor

Someone mentions Kelly’s modeling career

There were a few more but I can’t quite make out my writing. Now to just finish the two-at-a-time thrummed mittens I started. Why did I not try this before? It makes perfect sense for simple mittens. I also have great plans to go somewhere with coffee and do some mitten charting..