Tuesday Ten: BabyGap Edition

This week my Tuesday Ten is going to be a bit different. I was out shopping with my sister the other day when we went into the BabyGap (and she bought little O this adorable hat). I fell in love with a million (maybe that’s an exageration) of the cute knits, so I figured I’d do a post round up with some of the cuter ones, and links to similar(ish) knitting patterns. I have to say, there is someting nostalgic about the particular smell of the GAP at back to school time. All those fresh sweaters! We did a lot of GAP back-to-school shopping as a kid.

Cheetah Hat | Kittie Hat

The linked pattern is a little bulkier (which means quicker!) but embroider a nose and some whiskers and you’ve got an adorable cat hat. Add a bow and you’ve got Hello Kitty!

Garter Knit Hoodie | Duffle Coat

I’ve knit this, and it’s adorable and super easy. I love the simplicity of the garter stitch and the double breast on this. I ordered the book instantly after seeing this pattern. It is perfect TV-watching knitting.

Intarsia Knit Skull One-Piece | Cashmere Romper

Just knit up this plain one from The Expectant Knitter and add a cute skull to the front using intarsia or duplicate stitch. Or you could add something else.

Cable Knit Hoodie Coat | Cable Baby Yoke Jacket

This pattern isn’t quite the same as the original, but they are both gorgeous hooded 2-button cable jackets. I wish I had an excuse to knit this.

Mary Jane Socks | Toddler Merry-Jane

So the knit version are a little more elaborate, but aren’t they darling? I love the toe detailing, it’s a great use of shaping as design. And the cuffs! Oh my!

Striped Grandpa Cardigan | Baby Sophisticate

Add some stripes (and a pocket if you are feeling a bit more adventurous) and BAM! Instant little old man. Cardigans are insanely cute on babies.

Intarsia Bear Striped Tights | ‘Keep Baby Warm Leggings

These are precious and perfect for winter. Self-striping yarn makes it easy.If you’re looking for something with stuff on the bum, here!

Tw0-Button Raglan Cardigan | Baby Sweater on Two Needles

An Elizabeth Zimmermann classic, this quick-to-knit baby sweater is gorgeous and not as complex as it seems. It is a perfect project for a baby gift knit up in luxurious yarn.

Giraffe Hat | Baby Big Ears Giraffe Beanie

Another cute-as-heck animal hat pattern. Have you ever noticed there is baby stuff with giraffes on it everywhere?  Now you can knit a hat to match!

Striped Sweater | Jazzy Snazzy Pullover

Because every little one needs a classic (or crazy!) striped sweater..