Free Knitting Pattern: OMG BFF bracelet

So one day I was frogging a pair of mittens I was unsatisfied with the size of. As I got to the bottom, which was braided, I thought “Hey, this looks just like a friendship bracelet.” You know, like the ones you spent hours knotting away at in elementry/middle/junior high school (except this one is quicker). And so I bring to you a quick  and fun pattern (only 6 rows other than cast on and off!) for a cute bracelet perfect for the BFF in your life. Or to keep for yourself and show off your knitting skills.

Click here for the omg bff_bracelet pattern (right click → save as to save)

This pattern is a great way to use up and show off bits of yarn! Since it’s such a small project it’s a great way to practice techniques such as knitting in the round and colorwork, as well as learn a cute braided technique which is a great addition to any mitten!

Instructions are included for worsted and fingering weight bracelets and include photos. Materials needed to complete the bracelets are as follows:

Worsted weight:
US 6 (4.0mm) double pointed needles
About 10y of worsted weight yarn in Main Color
About 5-10y or worsted weight yarn in Contrasting Color
Sock/fingering weight:
US 1 (2.25mm) double pointed needles
About 10-15y of sock/fingering weight yarn in Main Color
About 5-10y of sock/fingering weight yarn in Contrasting Color
For both:
A yarn needle to weave in the ends


  • tweg4

    can’t get to the pattern:(

  • Thank you! I’ve been wanting to learn the braid, so I can add it to some mittens I’m designing. 😀

  • Crafty Gardener, Canada

    What a great little bracelet.  I’m a bracelet person and will have to try some of these in my favourite colours of greens and browns.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Lorna

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your pattern. What a great idea. I plan on making one for my son tonight. Thanks again.