Almost Felted Hippie Satchel

I just pulled this bag out of the wash. And by bag, I mean hippie satchel. The above photo is pre-felting (or fulling if you’re one of those people), post-felt pics to come when it is dry and befluffled (which is my new word for adding pom poms – think bedazzled but with fluff). I am thinking a cute cluster of pom poms and wooden beads to really up the hippie.

This was one of the quickest thing I’ve ever knit. I started around 6 when I got to the Daily Grind to knit with my friends and it was done by 9 with some time to update my kindle software and check twitter and eat imperial cookies. Add another half hour or so when I got home for adding the braid and fixing all the ends and this was a seriously quick project. I like it both felted and not felted, but unfelted it would need a lining because of all the chunky strands on the inside.

I used Viking Garn Naturegarn which comes in a lot of colors (like the crazy bright hunter red-orange I used) and a lot of neutrals too. I really liked the color selection and it was so hard to chose. It’s a newer yarn that we are going to be carrying at the store for the fall, so I knit this up to try it out and make up a cute fun pattern for the store. Which is in the middle of hippieville, so a felted satchel feels like the right fit. I have some plans to knit a second with a different motif and color scheme probably later today. I am not sure if I liked how the strap looks felted, so on the second I am going to felt the bag without it and attach it after so I can decide..