Worst blogger ever and some cute mittens

I’ve been the worst blogger ever lately. I haven’t been much of one at all lately. In between hanging out with my increasingly crazy kids, working at a retail store over the holidays and deadlines I haven’t had much time to update among other things. I have so many finished objects to show off and other exciting things! I’ve also been thinking about myself and creativity and other things. I used to draw like crazy, and I wasn’t a horrible drawer (I almost majored in drawing in school). I’ve resolved to start art journalling ASAP. I just need to pick up a sketchbook and a pencil sharpener (I have all the grades of pencil, but they are dull dull dull) and maybe some glitter. I imagine an art journal of mine would involve some glitter. And maybe highlighters. I’ve always found art journalling to feel a little insincere to do for some reason, But I am going to make myself do it and find a way to make it feel right. I’ve found this list of prompts and I am going to try to work my way through them.

I’ve also signed up for two creative business e-courses. Creative is what I feel a big part of my side of the business (Wolseley Wool) is. And creatively I feel a little lacking lately. I just started reading Dream Job from Red Velvet and signed up for Indie Business Compass which is available in a couple of weeks. While what I do is more of a traditional business, in the sense that there is a storefront and it’s been established for a while, we have a lot of exciting plans I think these courses might help me think outside the box a bit better on.

I think in the coming months the overall focus of this blog might shift. Don’t get me wrong, the focus will still be knitting and yarn, but I want to bring more of me into it, if that makes any sense, and I want to bring more of me back out of me and get back into things I love and figure out how to incorporate them with what I do now if that makes any sense to you. Which it doesn’t need to, but it’s out there. Ha.

Finally, a cute pattern I made for the winter accessory issue of Petite Purls came out yesterday. It’s a sweet mitten pattern knit three ways: stripes, stars or plan. The stars are my favorite! You can check it out here and queue it on Ravelry here. Little mittens are the best because they are super cute and tiny and you can go really crazy with color..

  • chris

    Super cute mitts there! Thanks a lot for the links to the courses. I signed up for the Business Compass one, too; I thought it might be interesting.