Sweet Sweet Georgia

Whenever we get Sweet Georgia fiber in at the store it’s really exciting. The colours are so rich and they feel so nice. I couldn’t help but bringing a few braids home with me to spin. And as you can see, Ms. Gnocchi could not help but get in the picture with it (I took something like 20, she is in all of them). I decided to try doing some deliberate spinning for once. I set out to make a chunky gradient yarn. I separated the Sweet Georgia Superwash Merino (IT’S SO FLUFFY!) in Stella into its four main colours, pink, purple, sky blue and navy. There was a bit of overlap in each colour, with bits of pink sneaking into the navy and sky blue into the purple, but that all made the gradient nice and gradual. I spun each braid separately and plied them on themselves. The result is around 180 yards of chunky/bulky super soft and squishy yarn. Now I need to figure out what to do with it. I’ve really been digging (ha, I say digging) bulky shawls, so I might do something in that direction. I do want to use the whole skein for one project to show off the colour changes. Or I can just keep squishing it..

  • Very pretty. I love super soft bulky handspun!