Oh texture!

So I’m working on a collection of patterns due out in July right now. It’s full of colorwork and tiny needles, one of my favorite things. But I am also working on another collection, focused more on texture (with color sharing the spotlight for sure) and crazier yarns for when I need a break from the tiny projects. I ordered a few yarns for it and made a few more. Yesterday I got a really exciting package in the mail. It was a bundle of 6 skeins of Darn Good Yarn Around the World Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon (which is a featured yarn right now, so it’s even 10% off! Which just makes me want more). And it is so so gorgeous. I’ve ordered a skein before to check it out, but all of those skeins in one package was pretty magical. Here are some more pictures so you can get an idea of what I am talking about.




I am so excited about working with this stuff. I’ve ordered a few different yarns from them before and they have all been gorgeous. I just love all the colours and the bits and the fuzz. And I have 6 skeins to play with!  It’s made up of strips of sari silk remnants sewn together so there are all sorts of colours and patterns in there, it’s pretty amazing. Opening the skeins was like opening a wrapped treasure with all sorts of interesting elements to discover inside. I can’t wait to get started knitting with this stuff. Next time I want to get some of the Tibet Jewels because you know I love me some sparkle!

Not only is it really gorgeous stuff, but they are great. All of the yarns are made of recycled or reclaimed fibers and it’s all super hippy-friendly. This article says it way better than I could..

  • Very neat! What are you planning to make with it?

    • I am still swatching and deciding 100%.