So, my ebook is finally done and out!
Entomology features 6 patterns based on bugs. 1 shawl, 3 mittens, 1 cowl and a hat and mitt set. Next week I’ll go more into each pattern. I had a lot of fun with colour if you can’t tell. My favorite is the Wooleater Hat. I have a weakness for simple Fair Isle-ish slouchy hats. And silk/merino blends are my favorite kind of yarn. I had the great fortune to work with the wonderful people at Malabrigo who do a pretty awesome thing with their Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project.

It was pretty fun to do research for this. The boys and I went through lots of bug books looking at pictures when I started. Kids love bugs. We just adopted a (slightly poisonous!) prickly caterpillar that is hanging out in its cocoon right now. I’m kind of worried it won’t come back out, but I’ll deal with that when it happens.

You can find the patterns for sale on Ravelry here. Each pattern is $6 or you can get all 6 for only $16. Pretty awesome.
Even more exciting (for you at least) is that there are prizes!

arroyo prize
A skein of Malabrigo Arroyo in Candombe
A skein of Malabrigo Sock in Ochre

A kit to knit the Common Blue Mittens

A kit to knit the Queen Bee Mittens

A kit to knit the Wooleater Hat or Mitts

There are a few ways to win:
Leave me a comment on this post with your favorite insect.
Join my Ravelry group and leave a comment in the Entomology Prize thread about your grossest bug-related experience.
Tweet this contest & leave me a comment here to let me know that you did (if you can’t think of anything, “Check out @ohdessa ‘s new bug themed knitting patterns and win some Malabrigo” works 🙂

I’ll be drawing randomly next Thursday, July 12th at 4PM Central..

  • Annie

    I love this collection so hard!!  I’m a bit bug obsessed myself, as are my kids.  My son greats all the the box elders on the outside of our house and my daughter (much to my dismay), *really* wants to pet bees.  Personally, I’m rather partial to beetles!

  • Kaija

    I love them all, but I think the bee is my favourite. So pretty!

  • Vanessa

    My favorite insect? Hm, well I love the symbology behind caterpillars/butterflies. But I also think scarab beetles are pretty neato as well. Still, my favorite are plain ol’ ants. Always working so hard, never failing or complaining about their lot in life. Ants are pretty cool and inspiring.

  • Vanessa

    PS I tweeted!

  • sarah r.

    Big fluffy bumble bees! I love watching them.
    PS – I tweeted too 🙂

  • Sally Henderson

    I’ve been learning a lot about bees lately and think they are pretty cool.  My son’s favorite book is Very Hungry Caterpillar…

  • Sally Henderson

    PS I tweeted as well MuddyMooseAK is my twitter name

  • Heather

    Congratulations!  Your patterns are absolutely gorgeous.

    My favorite insect at the moment is the cicada.  I have always loved hearing them and recently got to watch a 5th instar nymph moult into its adult form.  Super cool.

  • Deborah

    Pretty Queen Bee Mitts! My name means “keeper of the Bees” so bees have always been my thing, but I love lightning bugs best… and ladybugs:)
    Congratulations on your pattern series and I’ll be tweeting!

  • Shira Lipkin

    So beautiful! My favorite insects are beetles…

  • Nicki

    Awesome patterns! I especially love that hat!! And praying mantis are pretty crazy cool…even though they look like aliens.

  • Matt

    I would have to say the butterfly.  Love them.  Such an array of colors and always coordinating.

  • Psammeadred

    I love the colors in the Wooleater Hat! They go together perfectly. I’d have to say the most fun insect is the cicada – they’re starting to emerge here in Oklahoma and hatch out of their shells into the winged adults. It’s pretty cool to watch. My little brother and I used to find the discarded shells (which look an awful lot like, well, cicadas) and scare our sister with them. If you squeeze gently on the middle of the back, the legs (rather, where the legs used to be) will open up slightly so you can “perch” them in strategic locations, like arms…

  • I love butterflies and dragonflies, but my other favorite insect is the Velvet Ant – it’s a wasp whose females are wingless, red & black, and fuzzy.

  • Estregger

    I love fireflies!  They just seem magical.  I heard a cool piece on CBC about an artist that uses fireflies on his farm to expose large pieces of film.

  • Roman Hannah

    I have to say fireflies as well. We don’t have them where I grew up, and when I moved here and saw them flickering around the yard at night I was smitten.

  • Cara

    As a born and raised manitoban I have to say dragonflies! They are beautiful and eat mosquitos.

  • Cara

    Consider yourself tweeted.

  • Harriet

    I love the fireflies around here, twinkling on and off.

  • Liisa

    What a fun theme! I’m a big fan of dragonflies.

  • Drygonstar

    Ladybugs, they’re the only bug I would tolerate crawling on me.

  • Amy

    One I just learned about a month ago; the Striped Morning Sphinx. It’s a moth, but it looks like a hummingbird. Very cool!

  • MamaMidwife

    I love the colorwork!! How fun!

    My favorite insect? I tend to be grossed put by bugs of all kinds. I do like spiders, since they EAT OTHER BUGS. :0)

  • Nurnanc

    Oh, my favorite insect is the lightning bug….many happy summer memories come to mind when they start sparkling up the backyard.  My most hated insect I must say is the Japanese Beetle for laying waste to my sweet basil, climbing hydrangea, on and on.  But the darn thing is full of color .

  • Alli

    I think my most favorite insects are probably all butterflies.  They are just so beautiful, vibrant, varied, bright and gentle!  I am also a big fan of any bug that eats mosquitoes.

  • Julie

    I love lacewings. They’re a wonderfully beneficial insect because they eat plant pests. And they’re graceful looking too!

  • Umm…  ladybugs!  cute and beneficial!

  • scholarmonkey

    I love ladybirds because they are bright and they eat nasty bugs. Also, there is a song about them.  What’s not to like? 

  • Codi Kaji

    Ladybugs are my favorite insect, my dream car is a red VW bug painted to look like a ladybug. Some day!

  • Heidilaws

     Fireflies… they remind me of warm summer nights.

  • Codi Kaji

    Tweeted as well!

  • Amyaacc

    baby praying mantis like I found on my deck this weekend –the little cutie was pleased to perch on my shoulder!

  • The collection is great – I love the mittens and the hat especially!

  • Angiechis

    My favorite is the praying mantis!

  • Kathleen

    What a gorgeous collection of patterns!  My favorite insect in real life is a butterfly (because they don’t bite!), but I love seeing bees depicted in knits, jewelry, etc.  I’m off to tweet too! I’m @katbettyknits 

  • Shannon

    what beautiful patterns! i’d have to say the ladybug is my favorite. no biting and they remind me of being a little girl 🙂

  • Do butterflies count as an insect?  Otherwise I would say the humble honeybee

  • I also tweeted about your contest and posting https://twitter.com/skwestdesigns/status/222780311698808832

  • Quellefille

    I love Praying Mantis!  SO COOL

  • Belladune

    My favorite bug is pretty standard… Butterflies 🙂

  • Belladune

    Retweeted the contest under the name spinheartspin.