Getting Running

I recently decided to start running. Which is a big undertaking, let me tell you. I am using one of those couch to 5k apps that has a really nice sounding British lady who tells me you’ve only got 2 more runs today (ONLY? Shut up. Ha.) over top whatever music I am listening to. Which is always the Alkaline Trio discography (emoxforxlife) on shuffle because it’s one of 4 things I have on my soviet-era iPhone (3G, no S thanks to the littlest one dropping my phone a few months ago). It’s going well. I just finished week 3. Sure it’s only week 3, but that is 3 more weeks of running in a row than I’ve done in a long time. I am starting to feel like I can actually maybe run. I started using the app a bit before that, but was too busy to really be consistent, so once the hustle and bustle broke a little I committed. Of course, it’s been +30c almost every day since then, but I go later in the evening. While the heat has not been bugging me too much, the unwavering smell of cow dung almost had me throw in the towel last night.

When I finish the 9 weeks (Sept 5th hopefully!) I am going to reward myself by getting the yarn to knit Orkney from Rowan 52. It’s so pretty and I love colorwork. Then I am going to start from the first week again, but pushing myself to go faster. See, I was thinking it would be good to sign up for some sort of race-type thing to motivate me, but honestly, the idea of doing all that running with all those sweaty people wasn’t working for me. Then I was reading a crappy lady magazine in the car the other day and there it was. A triathlon! I am going to train for a mini triathlon next summer. 300m swimming, 2.5k running & 10k biking. I am all about mixing it up and I know I can actually do the swimming part (not the fastest yet, but that will come) and probably the biking part (but I need to get a bike first!). But for now I am going to focus on running and strength training so I can get to a point where I can start the other two well. And getting to Sept 5th so I can knit that sweater. What good is working hard without reward?.

  • Running!  Wow!  Go you!  Personally, I hate running, but I really needed to get into better shape and it’s the cheapest thing I could do.  I started with a couch to 5K app, but got bored, so I installed Zombies, Run! and it’s waaaay more fun now.  And a mini triathalon!!!  That’s an awesome goal to work towards!  So you’ve got a goal to motivate you, and you’re going to reward yourself as you reach steps along the way.  It sounds like a recipe for success…

  • Vanessa

    Running, yay! I highly recommend the book “Running for Mortals”. It’s a great book about how to get into running for the non athletic. It also has tips on diet, cross training, how to stretch and other stuff. It also has a good schedule for learning how to run both as a beginner and post C25k.
    I’m actually typing up a review on it and it’ll go live on Monday. /shameless plug 

    Good luck and congrats on getting up and moving! It does get easier and your body will thank you in the long run.

  • Sally Henderson

    I like your reward! I can’t wait to see what yarn you choose for your sweater.