Don’t tell my yarn stash….


But I’ve been cheating on it with thread and fabric. I’ve always thought (and still kind of do) that I suck at sewing. I can follow a pattern, even wing it if I need to, but I have this inability to do anything (cut, sew, draw, walk, etc…) in a straight line. So my secret desire to quilt should probably be forgotten. I thought about art quilting, but I have this thing where if I don’t understand and do the basics of something well, I can’t allow myself to mess around because all that happens is a mess (see all my attempts to abstract paint ever).


If you know me, you know I LOVE Tula Pink fabrics. They are fun and colour and awesome. I had bought some of her stuff before, when I thought about sewing, but I decided now was the time to really do it. The most important thing to sewing well was good thread and needles as they took away all of the technical issues. I bought lots of Gutterman and some Schmetz needles which were recommended by the lady working at the fabric store. And zippers and interfacing and scissors and an ergonomic stitch ripper because I knew I’d be using that thing like it was air. And I bought the pattern for the Amy Butler Weekender Bag, along with Some Tula Pink fabric, Birds and Bees Meteor Shower and Night Shade Storm Clouds which might just be my most favorite fabric ever. And pre-made bias tape because I knew if one thing was going to do some crazy making and make me give up it was bias tape. I’ve wanted to make the Weekender FOREVER. I love Amy Butler bag patterns. Sure, they have a trillion layers of interfacing, but when you finish, it’s worth it as it gives your project a polish and sturdiness I’ve seen in to other.


So in a couple of evenings, I had a bag that I loved! Those meteors! And I was hooked. I went on to make a bag with some leftover Parisville Cameo (those hair animals & ships!!) and some Birds and Bees Swallow Skies. I used the Abby Tote pattern from V and Co. because I love a big bow. It’s a great tote bag and just a touch more interesting than a typical one. This pattern was super quick and easy compared to the Weekender, which probably wasn’t the most logical place to start, but I am not one to do things the easy way.


Then, the Wolseley Wool annual knitting retreat was coming up and I needed a big bag for all my packing. I had looked at the Duffel Bag pattern from Studio Cherie and decided to dive in. I had just gotten a Birds and Bees Jelly Roll (2 1/2 inch strips of all the fabrics in a collection) and decided to sew those together into a piece of cloth since the bag called for some quilting anyways. That took forever. Once that was done, the bag itself took just a few hours. It’s HUGE and I like the end pocket lots. It fit all my knitting camp junk. I did manage to sew in the zipper backwards (it was an invisible zipper and I did not realize that in my defence, so I sewed it the right way if it were not an invisible zipper) and did not realize until too late, but I left it since it’s my bag. I did a quick google which recommended using a knitting needle to undo the zipper if you are having problems, and I always have one of those around.


The most recent one is probably my favorite. It’s an endless bag black hole, which is good because I carry too much junk. I used the Beach Bag pattern from V and Co. and totally plan to make more. I used more Tula Pink Meteor Shower but in a different colour, lined it with yet another colour and accented it with Lazy Stripe from the same collection. This was probably the easiest one yet! I’ve been using it like crazy. I need to sew some pouches to put in it though.

So now I basically have a whole travel set of Tula Pink bags. Now I need to go on vacation! Next up will be the bag on the cover of Japanese Quilting Piece by Piece in some Echino fabric. OMG Japanese fabric! Cotton linen blends are amazing! I can’t wait to start this one. People always say they are scared to sew, but I say just find something you really want to make and it will happen..