Awesome Ladies Challenge – Boggart

Ok, confession, I’m not a major Harry Potter fan. My kids are just starting to get into the world of Hogwarts, but I still had to look up boggart when I sat down to work on this week’s Awesome Ladies Project Challenge.




Even thought I just watched all of the movies this summer, I confess (number 2!) that I might have zoned out a bit or been busy working on something at the time. So it didn’t quite gel with me but I decided to give it a go. And then went way off track I think. But in the end I got a lot of me down and that’s what matters.

So the internet, great authority on everything, describes a boggart as a shapeshifter that hides in dark spaces and takes the shape of the thing you fear the most. That’s a pretty easy one for me. I’m scared of losing use of my legs again. So starting there and with the help of the Ali Edwards Me Story Kit and a couple of other ones. I got to work. What started as me talking about what I am scared of turned into me talking about the things I can do. Things aren’t the easiest lately. I catch any sick that looks at me and for a period of time before, during and after any little cold I seem to get a mini relapse. I think they call it an MS exacerbation. Whatever it is, it sucks. So I’ve been a little down on being sick lately. I don’t talk about it much, or how much it’s effecting me, because it’s pretty boring, but basically I feel like an icky slug.




Anyways, sidetrack. So I started working on this layout and instead it started turning positive. Things I can do, how grateful I am that I can do them, stuff like that. It felt good. Like staring that boggart in the face and telling it to go away.




I also punched holes in this fantastic print from a Messy Box. It’s a goal I’d like to reach. I’m not there right now, but I will be. Finishing this layout felt good.