My December Wishlist



So if you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas. And one of my favourite Christmas things to do is document the whole season in a December Daily album. In the December Daily community there is a lot of talk about starting with “The Reason Why” or an “Intentions” page but that doesn’t really feel me. Sure I could write a bunch, but starting an album that will probably end up being super visual with a wall of text that I’d write for the sake of it feels inauthentic to me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t – It’s a beautiful way to start an album with a lot of sentiment and I love seeing them, but it’s just not me.

The other day on the bus home from work I was listening to The Scrap Girls December Daily Podcast with Brandi Kincaid and she talked about how she started her albums with a sort of wish list of things she wanted to do over the holiday season. I just LOVED that idea. When it comes to intentions and reasons all I can think of is “because I <3 <3 <3 Christmas, duh” but a wishlist? YES!




I was inspired that night to sit down and make a rough list as seen at the beginning of the post. I then took a few of my favourite things. Number stickers, shiny washi, hot pink heart stickers and tag, some black and white ribbon and my very favourite alpha stamp from Kellie StampsSlim Jim (which is back this month!!). I started by stamping the tag. I also used the Joy Clear Stamp from Kellie Stamps because I loved the script and hashtag stamp. I then started working on my list. I picked some words to highlight in my list and stamped those down and started working around them. I really like the way the stamped words highlight some things that get me so excited about the season.

This way of starting my album makes me smile so much! It’s full of experiences I can enjoy with my family during my favourite season of the year when everything just seems so magical and bright.