Get it together lady!

These days I’ve been working on getting myself together health-wise. It’s a lot of work for someone who spends 90% of her time feeling so so so so so so exhausted. But I’ve been working on getting out to the gym and eating better. It’s a lot of work which is why I’ve really let it slide, but I’m realizing in order to improve some of my MS symptoms (spasticity especially) I need to get it done.

This month’s Awesome Ladies VIP theme was Routine, so I made this fun tracker of routines I want to work into my daily/weekly life. Eating breakfast (so I don’t forget to eat all day and then get OMG hungry and eat all the things at 4) and going to the gym 3x a week. Party time. The gym is the big one – I hate going to the gym. Well, maybe not hate, but it really reminds me how sick I am. Not too long ago I was just walking on the treadmill while the kids were in karate and I realized that I didn’t know how to walk. Seriously. I didn’t really learn to walk again properly and I kind of scramble from place to place. I spent like a week watching videos about stride and walking and reading books about walking and zen and just felt horrible. I decided to switch to weight machines for a bit after that. But I am trying. We have all these fun camping plans this summer and one of my main goals is to hike up mountains so I need to do some work to get there. So gym and breakfast. Easy, right? Ha.

I used some really awesome Awesome Ladies products to make this page.  I use these stamps a lot because they are just so versatile. I used the Everyday and Lady Clear Stamps. I use that badass one A LOT. Ha. I used the days of the week on the Lady set and lined them up with the long strip of circles from the Everyday set. I then stamped them and inked only 7 of the circles to make little spaces to colour in. It worked out perfect! I also used some other stamps from the Everyday set to add in some frames and text. I am going to use this a bunch more, I love the way it looks! I stamped onto Patterned Journal Cards and added in some of the fabulous Quote Journal Cards. Now to make sure to eat breakfast and get in some gym time!