Are you a picture cutter?

I’ll admit, I haven’t been around scrapbooking long enough to have used crazy edging scissors, but when I hear cutting pictures, that’s what immediately comes to mind. Wavy edges for everyone! I know a lot of people shy away from cutting a picture, but sometimes it’s for the best. But keep those wavy scissors in storage, I’m talking about fussy cutting pictures to get the best out of them!

In this layout (using various Gossamer Blue kit components from 2017 kits) I cut up 4 photos! That’s right. 4. The peony picture at the top got cut into a circular shape for more impact. The donut got fussy cut out of its frame due to a blah background, the fluffiest picture ever got cut around because the background was so busy and the Starbucks cup got cut because the background wasn’t great to journal on. All valid reasons. Sure, I could have gone into photoshop and done some editing (if I remember how, eeeeek) but I really like getting hands-on with some pointy scissors and a tape runner.


The important thing to consider when cutting down a picture is why. In the case of the picture above the background of the store we were in was just TOO BUSY. So many colours and kids and chaos. So I cut around B and the unicorn and stuck them to a more subdued cut down piece of patterned cardstock that went with the layout. Then I added some journalling and a simple embellishment and voila!

I <3 circular pictures. I took a 3×4 picture and turned it into a focal circle that I mounted on some patterned cardstock. The picture just didn’t quite go with the layout, but cutting it down and mounting it on a pattern that was harmonious with the layout made it work. Then I added some appropriate word embellishments and some enamel dots that echo colours and sentiments throughout the layout and it works! The donut was similar – the background just didn’t go with the layout so I swapped it for some pink! As for the Starbucks cup, I wanted to add some of my favourite lyrics from an Atom and His Package song and they just didn’t work on the background the cup was on. Cutting around the cup and sticking it to a more subdued background made it easy to stamp and write some journalling on. Next time you’re working on a layout maybe you’ll find an opportunity to break out the fussy scissors!