Get it together lady!

These days I’ve been working on getting myself together health-wise. It’s a lot of work for someone who spends 90% of her time feeling so so so so so so exhausted. But I’ve been working on getting out to the gym and eating better. It’s a lot of work which is why I’ve really let it slide, but I’m realizing in order to improve some of my MS symptoms (spasticity especially) I need to get it done.

This month’s Awesome Ladies VIP theme was Routine, so I made this fun tracker of routines I want to work into my daily/weekly life. Eating breakfast (so I don’t forget to eat all day and then get OMG hungry and eat all the things at 4) and going to the gym 3x a week. Party time. The gym is the big one – I hate going to the gym. Well, maybe not hate, but it really reminds me how sick I am. Not too long ago I was just walking on the treadmill while the kids were in karate and I realized that I didn’t know how to walk. Seriously. I didn’t really learn to walk again properly and I kind of scramble from place to place. I spent like a week watching videos about stride and walking and reading books about walking and zen and just felt horrible. I decided to switch to weight machines for a bit after that. But I am trying. We have all these fun camping plans this summer and one of my main goals is to hike up mountains so I need to do some work to get there. So gym and breakfast. Easy, right? Ha.

I used some really awesome Awesome Ladies products to make this page.  I use these stamps a lot because they are just so versatile. I used the Everyday and Lady Clear Stamps. I use that badass one A LOT. Ha. I used the days of the week on the Lady set and lined them up with the long strip of circles from the Everyday set. I then stamped them and inked only 7 of the circles to make little spaces to colour in. It worked out perfect! I also used some other stamps from the Everyday set to add in some frames and text. I am going to use this a bunch more, I love the way it looks! I stamped onto Patterned Journal Cards and added in some of the fabulous Quote Journal Cards. Now to make sure to eat breakfast and get in some gym time!


💛💛💛 for the March Kellie Stamps!

This month’s Kellie Stamps releases are just fantastic. I’ve been using them a bunch and here’s the first layout I am sharing this month. I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with them. There are two sets this month, Nuts About Food, which is so fun and Today Was which I used a ton on this layout and is so great for everyday documenting. Those circles!!

I mostly used the Today Was stamp on this layout with a few others from the Nuts About Food stamp. I decided to try a simple palette on this layout using some white, black and white and yellow and white cards from the Becky Higgins Project Life Project 52 Fresh Edition Core Kit which is my favourite right now!!! It’s so clean and fresh with pops of colour, great filler cards and week header cards that I’ve been using to mark my weekly albums. If you know me, you know I <3 colour so to add some flavour to the black and white I did a diagonal row of cards with yellow accents from top right to bottom left. I further focused on this row by using the circles from the stamp set on it. I also added on some yellow stars throughout the layout (and that cute yellow stamped donut from the Nuts About Food set) to bring out the yellow just a bit more.

I also used the Kellie Stamps set to make the Hello card at the top of the layout a bit more fun – I covered the word with a cut down post-it note to mask it and stamped Amazing in a light grey ink all over with Awesome in black to create a focal point in the word pattern. The layout is part of my weekly Project Life and each row is a different story – the top is about being awesome, the middle is about hanging out and getting coffee (and a cute picture of Lil’ Speedy) and the bottom about my youngest starting football. I used mostly black and light grey ink so that the use of yellow would really pop.

The words in the Today Was stamp set are just so darn usable! It’s going to be at the top of my stamp stack for a long time! Check back soon for a post showing off a layout focusing more on the Nuts About Food stamp set.

Heart Day weekly layout!

I did a second layout this month with April Lilli’s collection of the month, Crate Paper Heart Day! The entire collection is 20% off at the April Lilli Shop this month so go check it out!

I love all things pink and heart, so this collection was easy to use! And the Thickers – SO GOOD! I used them to pull out some themes in the photo for a bold impact.


I cut up a few different papers to use to mount photos. I used the bright polka dots on the Delightful paper to go with the fun paper I journaled on from the donut store (which I stuck a big chipboard piece on, it’s my favourite in the whole collection!). I also used the black and white patterns on Snuggles and Pucker Up to tone down the pink just a bit.



I loved the back of the Valentines cards that went with this collection, so I used some word stickers to cover up the to and from on the back and added in some journalling.



I loved all the fun ephemera die cuts and chipboard pieces so I added those without restraint, like I do. Ha.


I really had a lot of fun putting this layout together. It’s part of my Week 5 in my weekly Project Life album. Heart stuff is for every day! I used a card from the Project Life Fresh Edition for the week which I plan to continue through the year and used the OH SO PRETTY 1 Canoe 2 Hazelwood Floral Date stamp along with a regular date stamp to get the dates in there.


All the heart eyes for Heart Day from April Lilli Shop!


When I got a box full of Crate Paper Heart Day from April Lilli I was sooooo excited. Pink? Hearts? Shiny bits? I’m ready for that. And even more perfect? The entire collection is 20% off for the month of February. I’ve worked up a couple of layouts using this collection because it’s just so cute, and this is the first one I am sharing.


This layout is part of my weekly Project Life album so it’s just some random pictures from that week. The Gravity Falls pic is so me so I put the cute You’re Rad transparency from the ephemera pack over top of it. And next to it is one of my favourite things – one of the Valentines! Not only are the super cute and great for giving away, but they are also 3×4 cards that are a perfect fit in pocket sleeves. This one really gets me.



I mounted all of my 3×3 pictures on some 3×4 cuts from the paper in this collection. For this layout I used the Hugs & Kisses paper, the So Sweet Paper and for the centre pocket with the coffee sleeve I used the Heart Day Vellum paper. And those Charming Thickers! So cute! I also added a generous sprinting of stickers from the 12×12 Chipboard Stickers and a couple of things from the layered embellishments.


I went a little crazy with the super super cute puffy heart stickers. I love those little faces! They might just be my most favourite thing in this super cute collection which isn’t just for Valentines Day.

Polar Bears at the Zoo layout for April Lilli!


I’m back with another layout using Simple Stories Winter Wonderland from the April Lilli Shop. I used it for a second layout in my December Daily because it was just perfect for a day I took the boys to the zoo. It’s another 2 page layout with a large photo on one side and pockets on the other. This one is all about Polar Bears! Everything I used is from the Winter Wonderland Collection (which is 20% off at the April Lilli Shop for the rest of the month) except these super cute alphabet stamps from the 1 Canoe 2 Hazelwood collection and some Thickers from this set from Oh Happy Life by Amy Tangerine.



I love the way this pocket turned out. I used a card cut from this 4×6 horizontal element page cut down to 3×4. Then I cut the quote out from the same sheet and made it fit into the smaller 3×4 size. Then I stamped the bit about polar bears with the Hazelwood alpha stamps because it was so much fun to see the polar bears all active in the winter!


There is a divider that came with my album in the middle of the layout with some stickers from the Winter Wonderland 12×12 sticker sheet and 4×6 stickers to mark the day and the Amy Tangerine thicker that says wild because I felt it worked here.

On the right side is a big focal image of two polar bears playing. We usually go to the zoo in the summer so it was really neat to see them so active! I used some of the ephemera pack, the washi, the enamel dots, the 4×6 stickers, the 6×12 chipboard stickersthe 12×12 sticker page and a few different papers from the Winter Wonderland collection to make this page.

Living somewhere where it’s so wintery I just love this collection and have been using it a bunch! There are so many great elements in in and I love all the word strips and stickers! I tend to use them in place of journalling so it’s great to have so many choices.