Project Life 2017 Volume 1 walkthrough!

I just finished filming a walkthrough of my Project Life album from the first half of 2017. You can check it out here:

It was interesting going back through this album. Most of these layouts are no older than a year and it feels like my style has changed so much! It was nice to revisit it though, I feel like I rarely go back and look at my albums.

💛💛💛 for the March Kellie Stamps!

This month’s Kellie Stamps releases are just fantastic. I’ve been using them a bunch and here’s the first layout I am sharing this month. I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with them. There are two sets this month, Nuts About Food, which is so fun and Today Was which I used a ton on this layout and is so great for everyday documenting. Those circles!!

I mostly used the Today Was stamp on this layout with a few others from the Nuts About Food stamp. I decided to try a simple palette on this layout using some white, black and white and yellow and white cards from the Becky Higgins Project Life Project 52 Fresh Edition Core Kit which is my favourite right now!!! It’s so clean and fresh with pops of colour, great filler cards and week header cards that I’ve been using to mark my weekly albums. If you know me, you know I <3 colour so to add some flavour to the black and white I did a diagonal row of cards with yellow accents from top right to bottom left. I further focused on this row by using the circles from the stamp set on it. I also added on some yellow stars throughout the layout (and that cute yellow stamped donut from the Nuts About Food set) to bring out the yellow just a bit more.

I also used the Kellie Stamps set to make the Hello card at the top of the layout a bit more fun – I covered the word with a cut down post-it note to mask it and stamped Amazing in a light grey ink all over with Awesome in black to create a focal point in the word pattern. The layout is part of my weekly Project Life and each row is a different story – the top is about being awesome, the middle is about hanging out and getting coffee (and a cute picture of Lil’ Speedy) and the bottom about my youngest starting football. I used mostly black and light grey ink so that the use of yellow would really pop.

The words in the Today Was stamp set are just so darn usable! It’s going to be at the top of my stamp stack for a long time! Check back soon for a post showing off a layout focusing more on the Nuts About Food stamp set.

A colourful Project Life Layout with Dear Lizzy Lovely Day

This month the featured collection at April Lili is from one of my favourite designers – Dear Lizzy Lovely Day! The colours are so cheery and the word Thickers are perfect! And it’s 20% off through the month of March from April Lilli so it’s a great time to pick it up.


While I was working on this layout, I started instagram-storying my process. I put all those pics together into a slideshow if you’d like to see a little into how I work from pictures to finished layout. I’m working on some really cool stuff coming up so I’m hoping to put together more actual videos (including a class, I can’t wait!)





I’m trying to get caught up on last year’s pics while staying current with this years. My 2017 is actually mostly up to date. Don’t ask about 2016. Every time I get another week of 2017 printed I am also getting 2 layouts worth of 2016 pics printed. These are some fun ones from back to school shopping, funny popsicles (he went on for WEEKS about them, both before and after) and just some fun me pics. In the video I go into how I picked the papers that I backed the photos with. I went with lots of yellows and icy blues based on the focal cards I picked. This line made it so easy to put together a cohesive layout!


Here are all the things I used to put together this layout. All from the April Lilli Shop! Everything is from Dear Lizzy Lovely Day except for the Shimelle Little by Little Sticker Book and the Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Phrase Stickers

Awesome Ladies Challenge – Boggart

Ok, confession, I’m not a major Harry Potter fan. My kids are just starting to get into the world of Hogwarts, but I still had to look up boggart when I sat down to work on this week’s Awesome Ladies Project Challenge.




Even thought I just watched all of the movies this summer, I confess (number 2!) that I might have zoned out a bit or been busy working on something at the time. So it didn’t quite gel with me but I decided to give it a go. And then went way off track I think. But in the end I got a lot of me down and that’s what matters.

So the internet, great authority on everything, describes a boggart as a shapeshifter that hides in dark spaces and takes the shape of the thing you fear the most. That’s a pretty easy one for me. I’m scared of losing use of my legs again. So starting there and with the help of the Ali Edwards Me Story Kit and a couple of other ones. I got to work. What started as me talking about what I am scared of turned into me talking about the things I can do. Things aren’t the easiest lately. I catch any sick that looks at me and for a period of time before, during and after any little cold I seem to get a mini relapse. I think they call it an MS exacerbation. Whatever it is, it sucks. So I’ve been a little down on being sick lately. I don’t talk about it much, or how much it’s effecting me, because it’s pretty boring, but basically I feel like an icky slug.




Anyways, sidetrack. So I started working on this layout and instead it started turning positive. Things I can do, how grateful I am that I can do them, stuff like that. It felt good. Like staring that boggart in the face and telling it to go away.




I also punched holes in this fantastic print from a Messy Box. It’s a goal I’d like to reach. I’m not there right now, but I will be. Finishing this layout felt good.