Little Steep Rock Trail


For our last camping trip of the summer we went to Steep Rock. Which was just so different than anything else I’ve seen in the province. It was just gorgeous! The area is known for limestone cliffs and blue-green waters. It felt tropical! At the top of this post is the map at the trailhead with distances and such. I couldn’t find anything quite like this online. This map is great to help find the ways to the trail.


The night before we actually checked out the trail we accidentally checked out part of it. We drove from our campground to Steep Rock Kayak and Canoe to get some ice cream. There had just been a pretty major storm at our campground and the post-storm skies were just beautiful so we had to go check them out. Little did we know what we were driving up to. Did we somehow get transported out of Manitoba?!?! We got some ice cream and walked along the rocky beach and checked out some of the cliffs which just got us even more excited for the next day.






After breakfast the next morning we got our stuff together and hit the trail. We decided to check out the Quarry trail first. It’s a shared ATV and hiking trail around a former limestone quarry. It was really pretty. Unfortunately about a kilometre in, right before the really pretty part we saw some bear tracks following the same path we were taking. We were pretty unprepared for bears so we turned around. Back at the car we went and got lunch and drove to he furthest part of the trail.




The furthest point of the trail (the yellow starburst on the map) is a great place to start – it has a map as well as panels with information on the cliffs. It’s also a really quick walk to some breathtaking views.



We actually decided to start off going off-trail. The trail starts to the right, but we found some worn paths to the left that go up and around some more limestone cliffs. The kids had a lot of fun doing climbing up and down the cliffs. After exploring a bit we headed back to the path and continued down the trail. And oh what a trail! Every few was perfect. Seriously. There are lots of benches up on the cliffs to sit and watch the day go by from. It’s not a very long drive from Winnipeg as far as these things go so if you have a chance I really recommend checking it out.





We walked up, down and around the cliffs until we made our way back to Steep Rock Kayak and Canoe for a quick snack and a break. We decided to turn around and head back – there is a path through a slightly wooded area before the cliffs that was a bit quicker to walk back on. The trail actually meets up with the quarry trail and goes just about to the campground.


Hooray for this Layout


My Mind’s Eye has some really good collections out right now. I picked up some pieces from the most recent ones here at The Ink Road. Psst, you can get 20% off your order using code ‘odessa20’…. Anyways, I found these funny pictures of the kids in my pile of photos to work through and knew they’d be perfect with the celebratory whimsy of My Mind’s Eye Hooray. I know it’s a birthday collection, but other than the things that say birthday on them, it can work for everyday fun too. And these pictures are fun! And I just love those rose gold tones!


I used just 4 items from this collection on this layout.  I used the My Mind’s Eye Hooray journal cards along with the Hooray washi tape, ephemera pack and enamel dots. Simple and fun!

I want to be the girl with the most cake


Here’s my layout this week for The Awesome Ladies Project – I really like how this one turned out. It was hard to pick a favourite room in my house, but then I started thinking about things I like to do at home and the bathroom totally made sense because I love makeup. Seriously. Ha.


I went into the bathroom and grabbed a few things. Empty lipstick boxes, hair dye labels and so on. I then sat down and got busy! I love the 2×2 pockets so I found one in my box of page protectors and got to work. I knew I wanted to leave some clear space. I started with the title, using the Dear Lizzy alpha from Saturday and worked outwards from there. I started slipping in makeup packaging and embellishments that went with them, like these sequins I got in a Messy Box.


I had to include some Hole lyrics because it’s what I listen to when I get ready. I used a mix of journal cards and transparencies along with alphas to get them in here. I also smudged some mascara on the transparency because Courtney Love pretty much informed my love of mascara.


Here I included an eyeshadow that came with a set that is just not my colour but worked and fit perfect here! I used another transparency and painted little hearts with some pink nail polishes and stuck a cute sticker on it.


I took a journal card and used the My Life stamp set to give me some good journalling space in there.


Here I busted out another another stamp from the My Life Clear Stamp set from the Awesome Ladies collection. I just love these stamp sets so much. I use them all the time. Especially the badass one. As I already mentioned, I like to listen to or just sing Hole songs while putting on makeup. This one is my go-to. I used some more Messy Box components to round it out. So there you have it. I like my bathroom even though it is too small and has no counter space because I can put on all the makeup and listen to Hole. Ha. I am pretty sure that’s how it’s been since jr. high too….


Eat More Cake – Kellie Stamps Creative Team August Project

This is my first month contributing to the Kellie Stamps Creative Team and the stamps are pretty much made for me! I was so excited when Kellie approached me to join the team. Her stamps are on point and the whole team is just full of really creative and talented crafters.


This month’s set is called Eat More Cake, available in physical and digital formats, which like I said, is made for me. It’s all cake and party and birthday. But works really well for just the cake and party part too – I am all about celebrating things, especially with cake so I am going to use this set a ton!


For this layout I used the digital stamps. That ‘party time, excellent!’ one miiiiggghhht just be my fav. I just printed the digital stamps out in a variety of sizes onto sticker paper. Easy Peasy! I paired them with some washi, enamel dots, chipboard pieces and alpha stickers along with some journal cards from the Project Life Sweet Edition Core Kit.


When I saw the stamp set, I knew I needed confetti. I found some magenta and gold shiny confetti and paired them with a glittery heart transparency. I stuck a word strip I made from the digital stamp set on top and sealed it up with washi. I meant to fuse it closed but I liked the way the washi I temporarily put there looks so it’s staying. The magenta and gold confetti paired with the black and white journal cards really lent themselves well to an overall colour palette for this layout.


This cake brush script is just the best. Kellie collaborated with Diane Williams who did the brush script on some of the stamps in the set. This was some work to cut out by hand, but so worth it! I have some big plans to make cute journal cards with the clear stamps….

Adam Lake Wildlife Self Guiding Trail


We just spent a glorious weekend at Adam Lake. I just LOVE the Turtle Mountain area. It’s so so relaxing. It’s lush and rejuvenating and fresh. I really recommend heading out that way if you haven’t. It might just be my favourite part of the province.

While we were camping, we decided to check out a few of the smaller trails in the area. Last year we did the Turtle’s Back Summit at nearby William Lake which was just amazing, but this year we decided to go in small chunks. Since it was right in our campground, the Wildlife Self Guiding Trail seemed perfect!


We parked near the beach and decided to walk over the dike separating the beach from the rest of the lake – it’s a green thin stretch across a small part of the lake that leads to all the trails. The cool thing is the lake is pretty clear so when you peek over the edge you can see things swimming around which the kids just thought was the best. So did I, other than the leeches. ICK. And you’ve got lake on either side of you as you are walking which is just beautiful.


The Adam Lake area has a whole network of trails. It’s pretty neat. There’s a few signs showing them in the park as well as maps listing all the trails. There is a range of lengths. Two that are not part of the network of trails are the Fitness Trail and the Wildlife Viewing Trail, both of which we checked out that day.


Right there is a map of the Fitness Trail showing all the different points. There is a long loop and a short loop. There is also marking for the other trails in the park. Following the beginning of the Fitness Trail leads right to the Wildlife Trail, the beginning of which is well marked. There are maps available at the trail head with numbered information that corresponds to posts along the trail. There is also a printable version here.


The trail was quick and beautiful. It’s super green with elevation gains up hill and then lower marshy areas. There were bridges over these parts making them easy to get through and enjoy their beauty.


It felt like a blink and we were at the viewing tower. I love a good viewing tower! From the top we had a great view of the lake. We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife, but there were some beaver lodges and it was a spectacular day.


The Turtle Mountain area is the oldest inhabited part of Manitoba as it was the first area of dry land as glaciers melted. It’s different than the endless yellow fields and blue skies in the flatter parts of the province and the rocky Eastern areas which makes it that much more special.




The park is known for it’s rolling hills and gentle woods. There are so many close lakes – here’s a canoe route in the area. The area is also known for fishing in the stocked lakes as well as great mountain biking trails. And in the winter the trails are groomed for skiing.




Since the route is a circle, we took the other path back. The trail signs were a little misleading and pointed us back the way we came but we checked out the other way. There was another gorgeous low laying marsh area.




The low marsh areas are just beautiful!

IMG_3033  On the way back the trail meets back up with the fitness trail. Little Bear and I decided to check it out while Ryan and B went back to where we started. The Fitness Trail is pretty cool! As I mentioned, there is a long and a short loop with fun stations along a woodsy path. From sit ups to hurdles and log lifting it’s a fun way to get in a workout!






This last bit of walking was just magical. Green green green! Amazing. Finally we met back up with Ryan and B and went back to the car along the dike and past the beach area.




We went back to our campsite to make lunch and had plans to check out the Disappearing Lakes Trail at Max Lake. Unfortunately the road to get to the trail was closed so we had to skip it and drove into Boissevain for ice cream instead. Which was’t the worst, but the Disappearing Lakes Trail seemed pretty neat!