My December Wishlist



So if you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas. And one of my favourite Christmas things to do is document the whole season in a December Daily album. In the December Daily community there is a lot of talk about starting with “The Reason Why” or an “Intentions” page but that doesn’t really feel me. Sure I could write a bunch, but starting an album that will probably end up being super visual with a wall of text that I’d write for the sake of it feels inauthentic to me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t – It’s a beautiful way to start an album with a lot of sentiment and I love seeing them, but it’s just not me.

The other day on the bus home from work I was listening to The Scrap Girls December Daily Podcast with Brandi Kincaid and she talked about how she started her albums with a sort of wish list of things she wanted to do over the holiday season. I just LOVED that idea. When it comes to intentions and reasons all I can think of is “because I <3 <3 <3 Christmas, duh” but a wishlist? YES!




I was inspired that night to sit down and make a rough list as seen at the beginning of the post. I then took a few of my favourite things. Number stickers, shiny washi, hot pink heart stickers and tag, some black and white ribbon and my very favourite alpha stamp from Kellie StampsSlim Jim (which is back this month!!). I started by stamping the tag. I also used the Joy Clear Stamp from Kellie Stamps because I loved the script and hashtag stamp. I then started working on my list. I picked some words to highlight in my list and stamped those down and started working around them. I really like the way the stamped words highlight some things that get me so excited about the season.

This way of starting my album makes me smile so much! It’s full of experiences I can enjoy with my family during my favourite season of the year when everything just seems so magical and bright.



Cardigan Covet WIP – Lane’s diner cardigan



If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I recently re-watched the Gilmore Girls and snapped along as I did. Now, you might also know that I became OBSESSED with this cardigan and miiiight have started one of my own. Friday. With the plan to get it done for the 25th to wear while I watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes. Which is in 18 more days. EEEK. I’m about half done the raglan increases.


As soon as I set my sights on the sweater I went into work to find the perfect heathered almost pale salmony pink. I chose Cascade 22o in Iridescent or Opal #9643 although Amano Puna in Inca Ruins was good too, we just did not have enough in stock and I had no time to wait for more to come in. Then came a pattern. I knew fabric wise I wanted to use a US 8 needle, so when I saw the Crocus pattern it would be a good fit. Nice, simple, top down raglan. I’m making a couple of small changes to the neckline and button band, but otherwise it’s a nice simple knit that’s perfect for a quick sweater. I know the original sweater has set-in sleeves but I’m more of a raglan sleeve person and I think it will still work.


I’m hoping to finish the sweater by the 20th so I can then spend some time embellishing. I’ve been taking lots of pics so I can get it as close as possible. I just need to find all the things to really make it finished – I’m hoping the fabric store can help me out!


Awesome Ladies Challenge – Boggart

Ok, confession, I’m not a major Harry Potter fan. My kids are just starting to get into the world of Hogwarts, but I still had to look up boggart when I sat down to work on this week’s Awesome Ladies Project Challenge.




Even thought I just watched all of the movies this summer, I confess (number 2!) that I might have zoned out a bit or been busy working on something at the time. So it didn’t quite gel with me but I decided to give it a go. And then went way off track I think. But in the end I got a lot of me down and that’s what matters.

So the internet, great authority on everything, describes a boggart as a shapeshifter that hides in dark spaces and takes the shape of the thing you fear the most. That’s a pretty easy one for me. I’m scared of losing use of my legs again. So starting there and with the help of the Ali Edwards Me Story Kit and a couple of other ones. I got to work. What started as me talking about what I am scared of turned into me talking about the things I can do. Things aren’t the easiest lately. I catch any sick that looks at me and for a period of time before, during and after any little cold I seem to get a mini relapse. I think they call it an MS exacerbation. Whatever it is, it sucks. So I’ve been a little down on being sick lately. I don’t talk about it much, or how much it’s effecting me, because it’s pretty boring, but basically I feel like an icky slug.




Anyways, sidetrack. So I started working on this layout and instead it started turning positive. Things I can do, how grateful I am that I can do them, stuff like that. It felt good. Like staring that boggart in the face and telling it to go away.




I also punched holes in this fantastic print from a Messy Box. It’s a goal I’d like to reach. I’m not there right now, but I will be. Finishing this layout felt good.



Vacation documented using the Project Life App


I used the Project Life app for the first time the other day and I am a fan! While I like physically making layouts, I loved how quick it was to get things documented. I have a lot of summer pictures to go through and was thinking of making a 6×8 album of our August camping trips and I think the app is going to be the way to get it done and in an album. And the best part.. I bought the Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit, which is my favourite kit ever so I can use it all the time. I was running out of the physical cards so this made me so happy. The other best part is that it integrates with Pic Tap Go now so I can edit pics quickly once I’ve got them in. I think this took me only a few minutes to get together. If I want later (and you know I am going to want to) I can go back in and add in some stickers or embellishments. But if I don’t get around to it, it’s done and ready.