My WITL Travelers Notebook

I posted a couple of weeks about about my Week in the Life plans and I’m back with the finished pages! I decided to do a Travelers Notebook since I was just doing a story a page.

I decided to use the featured collection from April Lilli this month – Crate Paper Flora. It has some really pretty floral prints that I was just smitten with!

All I needed to put this together was the sheets of paper, the Flora Ephemera Pack and some vellum that I picked up to print on. And pictures and words of course. Ha.

I made sure to keep some notes and journal in a file on my computer through the week so I wouldn’t be stuck trying to remember things when I worked on it later. Which made putting it together SUPER easy! I just formatted things to fit on the page, printed and cut.

I used this tutorial to bind my pages together. And for the pages, I just picked some of my favourite patterned papers from the collection and cut them down to the right size, bound them together and added my photographs and words printed on vellum.

Then I used the alpha stickers to add the day of the week above the picture and some stickers and ephemera bits throughout. And done!

I love the springy florals in this collection – it gave a nice overall bright but not too bright feel to this notebook. Pink and mustard are my favourites so it was nice to see them in here!

I really liked this approach to WITL – I already do a weekly spread and really put all sorts of stuff in there and wanted to try something different.

One thing I really liked was the circle pictures. I used the ABM app to create a collage with a circle in the middle where I put my picture. I made my background a white fill instead of another picture and then cut the photo out. Easy to do and a cute effect!

Having fun with all the colours with Pinkfresh Dream On!

The colours in Pinkfresh Studios Dream On are just so fun. They’re a good alternative to just working with pink despite having lots of pictures of my sons. Ha. Right now Dream on is the collection of the month at April Lilli and it’s all 20% off! I used one of the super cute rubber chips to decorate my week card – I don’t usually do that but it just seemed perfect.

There are just so many cute elements that are perfect for making page perfection. I used the puffy stickers, washi stickers and die cuts a lot on this layout. This page is just a mash of fun kid things from that week so the consistent images and colours really help pull it all together.

I went bold for journal cards. I used the Fancy paper underneath any square pictures and the Reverie paper cut up to make some focal journal cards – the phrases really work with pictures of kids and life fun.

Those alpha stickers are so pretty they even make the word turd look pretty. Ha! I had to include this art my kids did all over some flyers. It really captures our right now which is a ton of potty humour.

A Week in the Life aka telling the stories I usually don’t


I’m getting it together to start Ali Edwards’ A Week in the Life this week. Last year I made a super fun project about spring break with my kids. I love it. But this week I am doing something very different.

All of my albums are about me at the core – they are what I see, do, love. They have my aesthetic and what I want to remember. A lot gets left out. I live with MS every day. And somedays are worse than others. I’m in a bit of a downer right now where things suck a bit more than usual. I got a flu which then puts my MS into overdrive and it takes a while to recover. Doing things is exhausting. Like, even sleeping makes me want to sleep more. Haha. But I keep doing things, planning time to rest, because stopping doing things would make things worse. We went on a beautiful family hike the other day (the first of the year!) that I am still physically worn and exhausted from. But if I stopped going hiking, there is a chance I just wouldn’t be able to anymore, my legs wouldn’t be used to all the work and neither would my energy levels. So I keep going, because I really want to.

Anyways, how does this relate to craft? I’ve been working on a weekly Project Life style album this year and it’s my favourite. Every week I get my pictures from the week before printed and sit down for a few hours and put together a layout. I don’t usually get the blah stuff in there – it’s more of a highlight reel of what’s going on. Because focusing on the good in life is really important. Really really important. Working on and looking through my albums reminds me that there is a lot of good in life. I’d rather a whole spread about all the fun foods we ate, games we played, Lego we built and tv we watched while I was really doing nothing than a spread about how I was too blah to get off the couch. I don’t need to remember that, nor do I want that remembered about me. Finding those magic moments in every week makes me feel less sick all the time and lets me just focus on all of the great things we have going on in our lives.

I knew I wanted to do Week in the Life, but I was trying to figure out how. It’s a pretty boring week around here, and I’ll still be doing a weekly spread of our daily lives to go in my weekly album because I could not handle having a hole in there! I did some more thinking, and decided to focus on what my unhighlight reel week looks like. Starting with today. Monday. Monday is almost always a sick day, or a bed day as I like to call it. Everyone is back to school and work, but I don’t work Mondays so I can spend the day in bed or on the couch, sleeping, knitting, watching tv, whatever. It’s my weekly sick day. It’s 1 PM and I just got out of bed. I had to take extra pain meds this morning because I slept funny and aggravated some usually dormant facial pain. I always feel the sickest, coming off a weekend of fun and activity and actually having time to rest. Mondays usually suck to be me, but they are also important in that they let the rest of the week happen. So for my Week in the Life I am focusing on one photograph a day and the story to go with it. Today I’m crafting and watching tv. It’s a boring story, but it’s mine. And my weekly Project Life spread might have a picture of the babka french toast party the kids and I are going to have later, because that’s the bright spot.

I haven’t finalized how I am going to put it together yet, I am just going to focus on a picture that represents each day for now and some words to go with it.

Winter Fun with Pinkfresh Dream On!

When I found out Dream On from Pinkfresh was going to be April Lilli‘s feature collection this month I was so excited. All those bright pastel tones paired with primary hues, an amazing alpha and dreamy die cuts! Here’s a quick slideshow of all of the fun stuff from this collection I’m working with this month:

Winter is JUUUUUSSSSTTTTT ending here. And there’s no guarantee it won’t come back for one more roar. But this layout is from a few weeks back – half of my weekly Project Life album spread that week was about how much fun I had with my younger son at Beaver Scout Winter Camp! And what better to dress up some cold pictures than with a splattering of colour.

The different pieces in this collection were super easy to work with. Everything went well together and there are some great captions, phrases and cut parts to help jazz up a layout.

Those alphas!!! Seriously, they are just SO pretty. I layered them on top of the vellum foil paper from the collection as a focal spot in the middle. And can I just say I love the cute rainbows and stars and hearts in this collection. I like basic elements like that in fun colours. These ones have a hand drawn feel to them which is great for a playful layout.

I’m not one to shy away from thick layouts so I had to bust out the rubber pieces! I used my tiny attacher to sprinkle a few across the layout. With pocket pages it’s hard to just put one on.

I just LOVE this picture – we were making silly orange faces which was really just my sneaky way of getting him to not catch scurvy. I cut out the ‘follow your rainbow’ because it went with the goofy do your own thing feel of the picture. There are some great phrases on the cut apart sheet – the back is a super cute constellation pattern, it was probably the hardest one to cut into in the whole collection! And of course, puffy stickers – they are my favourite kind – the smooth matte ones.

Every single piece of this collection works well together. There is a great combination of basic and whimsy. I’m pretty sure I could have used it with just about any photos and been really happy with the results.

Here’s a full list of what I used:



Get it together lady!

These days I’ve been working on getting myself together health-wise. It’s a lot of work for someone who spends 90% of her time feeling so so so so so so exhausted. But I’ve been working on getting out to the gym and eating better. It’s a lot of work which is why I’ve really let it slide, but I’m realizing in order to improve some of my MS symptoms (spasticity especially) I need to get it done.

This month’s Awesome Ladies VIP theme was Routine, so I made this fun tracker of routines I want to work into my daily/weekly life. Eating breakfast (so I don’t forget to eat all day and then get OMG hungry and eat all the things at 4) and going to the gym 3x a week. Party time. The gym is the big one – I hate going to the gym. Well, maybe not hate, but it really reminds me how sick I am. Not too long ago I was just walking on the treadmill while the kids were in karate and I realized that I didn’t know how to walk. Seriously. I didn’t really learn to walk again properly and I kind of scramble from place to place. I spent like a week watching videos about stride and walking and reading books about walking and zen and just felt horrible. I decided to switch to weight machines for a bit after that. But I am trying. We have all these fun camping plans this summer and one of my main goals is to hike up mountains so I need to do some work to get there. So gym and breakfast. Easy, right? Ha.

I used some really awesome Awesome Ladies products to make this page.  I use these stamps a lot because they are just so versatile. I used the Everyday and Lady Clear Stamps. I use that badass one A LOT. Ha. I used the days of the week on the Lady set and lined them up with the long strip of circles from the Everyday set. I then stamped them and inked only 7 of the circles to make little spaces to colour in. It worked out perfect! I also used some other stamps from the Everyday set to add in some frames and text. I am going to use this a bunch more, I love the way it looks! I stamped onto Patterned Journal Cards and added in some of the fabulous Quote Journal Cards. Now to make sure to eat breakfast and get in some gym time!