Getting caught up on my December Daily with Freckled Fawn

I’m SOOO excited about December Daily this year and making all sorts of plans (more on that later) but first I have to finish last year’s album. I just got the rest of my pics printed and I’m busy getting it together. I just finished this layout using the September Freckled Fawn Kit. I am loving the black and white. SO much. So much I am really leaning towards a lot of black and white for this year’s December Daily. I need to pick up some extras from this kit!



I love big 6×8 pics in projects like this. When I pulled this one out of my stack I knew it would go great with this kit. I kept it pretty simple – one of the wood veneer days, a journalling spot and a vellum sticker. Easy peasy. The picture has so much impact it didn’t need much.



I added in an instax picture, a tag from the ornament pictured and a couple of photos. Again, I kept it simple with washi, vellum, puffy and enamel stickers and those sweet sweet black script alphas. They’re a great way to emphasize words in journaling to create a mini title. Using this kit made it easy to get another page done quickly without compromising style.



Are you a picture cutter?

I’ll admit, I haven’t been around scrapbooking long enough to have used crazy edging scissors, but when I hear cutting pictures, that’s what immediately comes to mind. Wavy edges for everyone! I know a lot of people shy away from cutting a picture, but sometimes it’s for the best. But keep those wavy scissors in storage, I’m talking about fussy cutting pictures to get the best out of them!

In this layout (using various Gossamer Blue kit components from 2017 kits) I cut up 4 photos! That’s right. 4. The peony picture at the top got cut into a circular shape for more impact. The donut got fussy cut out of its frame due to a blah background, the fluffiest picture ever got cut around because the background was so busy and the Starbucks cup got cut because the background wasn’t great to journal on. All valid reasons. Sure, I could have gone into photoshop and done some editing (if I remember how, eeeeek) but I really like getting hands-on with some pointy scissors and a tape runner.


The important thing to consider when cutting down a picture is why. In the case of the picture above the background of the store we were in was just TOO BUSY. So many colours and kids and chaos. So I cut around B and the unicorn and stuck them to a more subdued cut down piece of patterned cardstock that went with the layout. Then I added some journalling and a simple embellishment and voila!

I <3 circular pictures. I took a 3×4 picture and turned it into a focal circle that I mounted on some patterned cardstock. The picture just didn’t quite go with the layout, but cutting it down and mounting it on a pattern that was harmonious with the layout made it work. Then I added some appropriate word embellishments and some enamel dots that echo colours and sentiments throughout the layout and it works! The donut was similar – the background just didn’t go with the layout so I swapped it for some pink! As for the Starbucks cup, I wanted to add some of my favourite lyrics from an Atom and His Package song and they just didn’t work on the background the cup was on. Cutting around the cup and sticking it to a more subdued background made it easy to stamp and write some journalling on. Next time you’re working on a layout maybe you’ll find an opportunity to break out the fussy scissors!


Project Life Layouts with the August Freckled Fawn Kit

Can I just say that I am LOVING the August Freckled Fawn Kit? August is always full of adventure for us and this kit is full of embellishments that help tell those stories. I love the whole kit, but I think my absolute favourite are the Clear Wanderlust Phrase Stickers. Swoon!

A close second and third are the Rose Gold To-Do paper clips and the Rose Gold Woodgrain washi! I used the clips on both layouts I did as a journalling starting point and the washi was perfect for decoratively attaching embellishments and smaller pictures to the layout.

The journal cards that coordinate with this collection are swoon-worthy! You really get a feel for how versatile this kit is though them. It can be used for more adventure-y layouts like this, or for more delicate girly layouts.


It was really easy to put together a cohesive layout with this kit. I went for an over-all soft breezy blue and soft green feel to go with the pictures and the kit did all the work for me. Throw in a few embellishments and quotes and it was good to go. I also used the White Puffy Script Alpha. It’s my new fav alpha, I love the yellow too!


The Epoxy Foil Floral stickers not only have some gorg florals, but some staple hearts and stars. I never have enough enamel or epoxy hearts and stars, they go with everything!


I’m not usually a doily person, but the ones in this kit were easy to use. Taking traditional doily forms and printing them in fun colours on acetate gave them a fresh modern feel! I attached them to journal cards to make things a little more interested and used one to create a sun-like shape on a beach photo.



I also used the Lavender Vellum Alpha stickers. I am a SUCKER for a good alpha and Freckled Fawn never disappoints. I wanted to add some fun phrases on this layout so I broke out some white foam words and some summery chipboard phrases.

This kit is perfect for summer adventure and that in-between time that isn’t so summery anymore, but not quite leaves and pumpkin everything yet.


Coffee & Books Project Life Layout with the July Kellie Stamps Release!

The latest Kellie Stamps release is out for July and of course, I somehow managed to use all four sets (Book Review, Rise and Shine with some great script by Alex Hunter, Big Day and I Was Here) again on this layout. Ha. I always mean to use just one or two but then I have them all sitting on my desk and they just dab themselves all over my layout. The main stamp set I wanted to focus on is the Book Review stamp set as the bulk of these pics came from a trip to the library (but first coffee, duh – the but first stamp from the Rise and Shine set in collaboration with Alex Hunter is just perfect here!) except for the yarn picture in the top left corner that I just included because it went with the colour feel of the layout. Which was all minty and pink and pastel and black journal card and embellishment-wise. I stuck to stamping in black because it worked with everything I was doing.

Here’s a close up of the really great fill-in-the-blank review stamp from the Book Review set. It’s so great! I stamped it on a yellow card and adhered it to this unicorn journal card because unicorns, duh. In fact, if you look I’ve got unicorns, then swans and a cat. Ha. It’s all about the cute. I used the Big Day stamp to give some day of the week context in the middle card because most of these pics are from the same day. And the cute check box below from the I Was Here set paired perfect with this large This thicker. throughout I used tiny heart stickers to fill things in.

So that’s my first layout this month showing off the July sets which as usual are amazing. Seriously. Kellie always comes out with a nice range of really useful everyday stamps that make their way into my must-have Project Life tool kit and some really fun themed sets. I’m always so excited to see what’s next. Later this month I’ll post my second layout using the July sets. Some of the other Kellie Stamps team ladies and I did a Day in the Life on July 1st. I was camping that day and we went on a hike and there are TOO many good pictures of that day.


Getting into a style groove with the June Kellie Stamps Release!

Its time for the new June Kellie Stamps sets and here is one of the layouts I made with them this month. I really like how it turned out. I used three of the four new releases this month, Currently, Grant Street and This Girl, all of which are just fab. Seriously. They worked really well with the photos I had. For this layout (had of week 23 in my weekly Project Life album) I laid out my pictures and then pulled out some stuff that went well. I used the week card from the Project Life Project 52 Fresh Edition which I’m using all year long as a week title card, a cute card in the middle from Brandi Kincaid’s Eloise themed journal cards and another card and a bunch of embellishments from the ABM Messy Box (which is ending in August 😭) and Studio Calico kits and maybe a few other things. But the stamps are totally the stars here!


This pic was just BEGGING for some stamping and paired PERFECT with the Currently stamp from Kellie Stamps. PERFECT! The stamp has various currently headers and then different prompts to chose from. So I picked the cute handwritten style ones and added in some stuff to fill in and then that ALL BLACK EVERYDAY stamp from the This Girl set which is pretty much my ill-advised summer wardrobe mantra. It’s a really fun way to make a currently list and think outside the journal card.


When I was going through my camera roll picking out pictures for my weekly layout I selected them with stamping in mind, knowing I wanted to use these stamps (without compromising memory keeping of course!). In that, I mean I chose pictures with more negative space and bright backgrounds. I think this layout also marks a jump for me in digital editing. I don’t usually do much to my pictures other than basic Instagram edits, but I took a lot of these into A Colour Story and edited them, even adding that rainbow overlay from the Skies Over effects to make the ice cream pic even more fun and summery.  I think going forward I am going to do this a lot more. I print my pictures EVERY WEEK. When I go grocery shopping I print my pictures from the week so that I can stay caught up on my album. It’s almost halfway through the year and that’s working great. The only week not in my album and fully done is last week and I’m planning to work on it tomorrow morning. I added some fun stamping with the Grant Street Alpha over the rainbow because it really was too hot. And I can’t resist a Treat Yo’Self stamp. I just watched that episode of Parks and Rec. The best day of the year! Ha.

I just loved this quote from The Office so I had to include it. I added a journal card with my fav Office episodes (I put it on whenever I have nothing else to watch, which is a lot) with the Top 5 stamps from the Currently set. I added a header to the quote with the Grant Street Alpha and then stamped the Goal Digger stamp from the This Girl set in a couple of pinks and purples because the beach and hot dogs is totally #lifegoals. I added in a cut out Kevin from the episode the quote is from. I like to add in fun pop culture stuff on my layouts. It’s just a part of me.

I really like the graphic nature of this layout. It’s my usual all the embellishments and colour and fun, but a little more refined and a little more magazine layout-y. I like it. Another thing I’ve noticed really becoming common in my layouts are three stories. Each row is a story in my layouts and are visually similar in style. With summer coming it’s going to be hard deciding how to pick just 18 things to go in pockets every week. I think weeks we do more like camping I’m going to throw in an extra protector. As I head into my second album for the year shortly (HOW IS THE YEAR HALF OVER!!?!?!) (also, I really really hope I can make it halfway through the year in this album) I am going to look at this layout as inspiration and #goalz going forward. And use the heck out of that Currently stamp set.