Things I am loving Today

Morning Yoga in Bed – genius!

Ted Baryluk’s Grocery – a really great documentry from 1982 using brilliant b&w photos and sound bytes to tell the story of an older man, his grocery store and the changing Point Douglas neighbourhood.

The X-Files Files – a hilarious podcast with Kumail Nanjiani about the best show of the 90s.

Lumpy Space – I am currently working on this shawl. I <3 LSP so that was really my motivation for starting this, but I am loving it! I might change the colour of the centre diamond to something more subtle though. We’ll see when I get the outside done.



A Little Sweater Obsessed

It seems like all I want to knit these days is sweaters. I have 4 on the go. I know, right? I don’t even like knitting sleeves, in fact I hate it. I don’t get it. But I have a lot of sweaters!


This is the Garter Yoke Cardigan in Noro Shiro (oh silk and cashmere!) and Tosh Vintage in a perfect for this sweater Graphite. The yellowy-green undertones go PERFECT with the dirty greys in the Noro.



This is to be a shrug. The Shelby Creek Shrug from the spring issue of Knitscene in a super-duper hard to capture colour of Tosh Dandelion. Dandelion is kind of like Tosh Merino Light, but with 10% linen that gives it a beautiful rustic finish. The colour is Torchere which is like a raspberry sorbet bright pink with little bits of orange shining through. I love the centre-out construction and saucy charted lace pattern that keeps me busy.



Noro <3 and my Phat Fiber box

I picked up these two colors of Kureyon to make a present for a friend after sorting through many balls to help a woman find enough of one color to make a sweater. The giftee (who likes bright colors almost as much as I do) might see this post but probably won’t think it’s for them, so I figure posting a picture of the yarn cakes is ok. They are newer colors (274 & 272), aren’t they pretty fantastic?




I also got my first Phat Fiber contributor box in the mail today. It’s so pretty! I won those cute little cupcake stitch markers from Galia’s Spindle Designs and they were in a little pouch in my box. I am totally going to work on spinning up some of this fiber on my spindle at Spin Night on Friday..


Easy Peasy



So I took some more pictures of my scarf so here it is. Now that’s an in-your-face (or on-your-neck I suppose) scarf. It’s really soft too and I love that there’s sparkly bits in it. I worked a bit more on the Cria that this yarn was originally intended for (don’t worry, I still have around 400y for it) and I think I have to start again. See, the shoulders are started as rectangles from which stitches are then picked up and worked around, and I did them in the handspun, but I really think they should be in the darker color. Or perhaps I should switch to a proper garter yoke pattern. Ack. I’ve had too much knitter’s doubt to get to far on anything lately.  Anyone else having that problem?


2011_06_16 023

I might be crazy (but that’s ok)

I don’t know how you do it, but when I am knitting mittens from a pattern I don’t swatch, I just start knitting the first few rows and then I try it on. If it fits around I keep going, if it doesn’t I start again. I figure it takes about the same time (or even less) than a swatch and is way more accurate since it’s the actual project.

So I finally started a pair from Latvian Mittens, and I cast on the amount of stitches for the chart with some appropriate sized needles. This book has a few patterns with proper instructions and then a whole lot of charts for you to interpret however. It’s pretty great because once you’ve knitted a stranded project or two you can more or less knit any of them with just a chart. Without pesky instructions to hold you back there can be a whole lot more charted patterns.

So anyways. I cast on with some 4ply fingering weight and US1 needles and they were at least 10 inches around. I debated editing the chart and trimming down the stitch count but I really liked it as a whole, and as you can see there is some asymmetrical stuff going on in the second cuff band. So I brought out the Malabrigo Lace and some tiny (US00) needles. And the width is perfect and they are the softest ever, albeit not particularly practical for a cold prairie winter. I feel a little crazy working on this project, but they are so pretty. I keep stopping to admire them and try them on and they just feel so nice when worn. I just finished the cuff and am starting on the body. I will have to take a picture of the inside too because it is the prettiest inside of any stranded project I have ever worked on.

I know, you’re thinking “Lace weight mittens? She must have lost it!” But I like insanely detailed projects because they let my brain take a little vacation while I focus. I do worry about what might happen to my eyes though…